[French Success Story] The Impressive Career of the Founder of Minitel

[French Success Story] The Impressive Career of the Founder of Minitel

[French Success Story] The Impressive Career of the Founder of Minitel

Not everyone has the chance to live with his passion lifelong. Playing the most famous video game of the time of his childhood opened his way to his future. The game he played was the Pong, which is the precursor of all sports arcade video games.

Indeed, this game was the first electronic game available on TV screens and playable with a console. He started playing at the age of six this is how his passion was born.

However, it did not stop there since his curiosity revealed to him other new ways. By trying to develop the game with his own means, by focusing on multi-player mode, he quickly understood that the field of networks of exchange and information also fascinated him.

Discovering his first creation

After the revelations about his two passions, he had the conviction to pursue his dreams and make a living with technology. For this to happen, he had to start somewhere; he had the good idea of carrying out his very first project when he was only fourteen.

Thanks to several specific aspects of his game named Tank, he proposed a collaboration with the Minitel network, the only system that disseminated information at that time. In addition, many French people liked his game.

That was a real victory for him and opened the doors to the world of the great players in terms French gaming industry.

The game sector had been developing and new important features of games appeared. These are some aspects of a successful game at that time:

  • Easy to play and understand
  • Designed with simple machines available at that moment (ZX81 and Sharp PC-1211 machines)
  • Entertaining
  • Available for multiplayer mode
  • Easy to handle even for beginners

Create your own company, avoid obstacles

Following his collaboration with the Minitel network, which allowed him to combine his passions, he decided to stand on his own. This idea was based on the inclusion of an entrepreneurial logic to his passions.

His first video game company named Eurocenter was built in 1989. The creation of another successful game called GraalOnline followed and it was intended to be a multiplayer mode.

However, in order to always encompass his favorite sectors, he had to manage the video game development channels and information networks. Thus, he became manager, deputy director of various companies in the digital world.

The King of the digital world in France

His career paths have been a continuum, being a leader in various other companies such as Neogeo, the company Inmob, Stephane Portha (https://www.stephane-portha.space/) was also managing partner or assistant manager of the company bridge.fr or the commerce.fr firm.

By constantly giving importance to video games, he decided to rename his company Eurocenter into Eurocenter Games and created a large digital association called Eurocenter Group. His company had the opportunity to participate in the first edition of video games available on Appstore in 2007. Then, the game GraalOnline has grown and other versions have emerged such as:

  • Graalonline Zone
  • Graalonline classical +
  • Graalonline zone +

It is thanks to this that Stéphane Portha has become famous in the French digital world.


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